Dine In At These Three Popular Restaurants In Manassas VA

How familiar are you with Prince William County? It is a very popular and well-known county in Virginia, and one of the cities in that county is Manassas. As is the custom, I’m going to take you by four of the top restaurants. In the city of Manassas VA, there are over 250 of them. Let’s take a look at those four restaurants I have picked out for you.

Katerina’s Greek Cuisine caught my eye right away before I knew it had the #1 ranking on a top travel site. It is located on Center Street, and some of the delicious menu items you can order up include baklava, Greek roasted potatoes, pita bread and meats and more. Katerina’s Greek Cuisine is said to have an outdoor eating area, and that should be nice, too. One reviewer calls this establishment a local gem.

Tony’s New York Pizza is the next place we are going to take a look at, and it is located on Mathis Avenue, and it is all about NY style pizza of course, but baked ziti, Greek salads and so much more as well. While this restaurant is a chain, it is a local chain and get this, family owned. That information was in a review from a customer that says he has been going there for years.

I had to go with this next restaurant because it peaked my interest, as I am a fan of okra, especially fried okra. Okra’s Cajun Creole on Center Street looks like quite the big place. This top ranked restaurant in Manassas VA is known for its gumbo, dirty rice, alligator bites, po boys and more. One guest talked about having bananas foster for dessert, and another talks about the place having a nice atmosphere. That just gives you a little more information about Okra’s Cajun Creole.

Ashton Family Restaurant is the last pick for this article. I chose this one because it is another family owned establishment. Ashton Family Restaurant is on Cockrell Road, and it is known for being a popular brunch spot. One special aspect of this restaurant that you need to know is that four different types of cuisines are served. That means there is going to be quite the diverse menu. In fact, a picture of food at the restaurant on a top travel site shows both breakfast and lunch foods, and they are of different cuisines, too. I think if I were in Manassas VA, I might start at Ashton Family Restaurant.

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