Landed A Great Job In Mission Viejo California

After getting out of college, I wanted to find a decent job. I considered moving out of the area in order to find one that paid the right amount. I started searching around for jobs to see what was out there for a college graduate with my degree and experience.

I went online and looked at job postings particularly in my field of expertise. I knew I was going to struggle to find something local that was not only in my field but also that paid the right amount. I searched around and extended my job search to include other areas. I found lots of jobs, but none that would take an entry level grad such as myself. I thought I was never going to find something that I was qualified for. I kept searching around and posted my resume in a few different places online. I also included that I was willing to relocate in order to get a decent job.

After about a month, I really started to think there wasn’t anything out there for me. I remained hopeful and applied for several jobs in that time period. I finally started to get a few different phone calls and emails about setting up interviews. I couldn’t wait to see how these turned out.

I went to these interviews, one of which was in Mission Viejo California. It wasn’t far from home, but it was about an hour from where I grew up. That didn’t matter to me as long as I got a job doing something I wanted to do. The interviews both went great and much to my surprise I was offered both jobs. Since the job in Mission Viejo California paid much better, I decided to take that one. I was so excited to get moved and to start my new job.

Within just about a month, I had found an apartment and was able to get moved in. I started my new job shortly after that. I have really loved living in Mission Viejo California and I love the job I accepted. It was a great choice and I am happy with it. I consider myself lucky getting this job because it was just what I expected. I love the area I live in and the people I work with and I have made some really great friends too.

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