Moved To Mission Viejo California With My Boyfriend I Met Online

After my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, I took a long break from relationships. I didn’t start looking for a new boyfriend immediately. I wanted to take my time and just enjoy being single. I had been in my previous relationship for over 10 years and starting over wasn’t something I really wanted to do. It had been so long since I was on the dating scene, I wasn’t even sure where to start. I enjoyed the single life for a few months, but then I wanted to start looking for a boyfriend.

I went online and signed up with a few different dating websites so I could see what was out there. The town I lived in was small and no one there really interested me. I knew many of the faces I saw on the dating websites and a few of them were even married. I extended my search to see other single people in other areas. I found a few guys that were pretty cute, but pictures don’t mean much when it comes to online dating. I found a few compatible matches, but they were located out of town. I contacted them on the dating site and set up a date with one of them. He lived in Mission Viejo California, but I thought maybe it might be worth it.

After meeting him and seeing him in person, I immediately fell in love with him. I could tell the feeling was mutual and within a few weeks we were spending a good bit of time together. We agreed that we wanted our relationship to go farther and he asked me to move in with him. This meant I would have to move to Mission Viejo California which was about 30 minutes from where I was living. I decided to take the chance and started preparing myself for the move. He was such a big help and packed my things for me too. I knew this was going to be the beginning of great things.

We have been together for the past few years and I love living with him. I also love living in Mission Viejo California because it’s a great place. I am glad I took the opportunity to get to know him and that it has came this far. We are so happy together and it’s all because of an online dating site.

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